Why Is The Day After Thanksgiving Called Black Friday?


Why Is The Day After Thanksgiving Called Black Friday?

Black Friday is considered the busiest shopping day of the year and falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving (or the Fourth Friday of November).

It is also described as the starting of the shopping season for Christmas; usually continues for a week.

But the question is why is it called “Black Friday”?

In economic terms, “Black” consists of massive sales or huge profits.

Why Is The Day After Thanksgiving Called Black Friday

It is said that on this day, merchants in the United States recover their year-round losses and make huge profits by selling a large number of goods.

Also, this is a great day for consumers because they can grab a lot of products at some amazing discounted rates.

[Fact: The First Monday After Thanksgiving Is Called “Cyber Monday”. According To Some People, Cyber Monday Is The Online Version of Black Friday. It Promotes E-Commerce or Digital Transactions]


Is Black Friday A Good Name For The Shopping Day?

Nowadays, nobody cares.

However, earlier, when a day is named like Black Friday, Black Saturday, or Black Thursday, it meant something negative or a day of calamities.  

In 1961, Philadelphia and Rochester’s police started using the term “Black Friday” to describe the massive public gatherings or traffic jams after Thanksgiving. Because the shopping season for Christmas started after the day.

With time, the term became a permanent name for the shopping day.

Although, many times, some people tried to rebrand it by naming “Big Friday”, interestingly all failed.

[Fact: The United States Is The Country Where The Concept of “Black Friday” Originated. Although, Nowadays, It Has Become A Global Idea, Especially In Capitalist Countries Like The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, India, Austria, Germany, France, And More]


What Are The Main Characteristics of Black Friday?

  • Massive public gatherings in stores (Small, medium, and large stores)
  • Huge sales at discounted rates
  • It is born from Capitalism


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