Why Did The Continental Congress Adopt The Olive Branch Petition?


  • To stop the probable war with Great Britain.
  • To show and ensure the loyalists that they tried till the end to negotiate with British authority.

There were only two main reasons why did the Second Continental Congress adopt and choose to send the Olive Branch Petition to the British authority.

So, what they were?

Of course, you know the very first reason was none other but to stop the possible War between Great Britain and the 13 American colonies.

Actually, the Olive Branch Petition was the last attempt from the American colonists’ side.

Through this, they send a proposal to the British King George III to withdraw all the 5 Intolerable acts of 1774, Otherwise, war is inevitable.

Why Did The Continental Congress Adopt The Olive Branch Petition

Its second reason was to ensure the American people, who still believed in British rule and wanted to come to a negotiation with them.

The leaders who led the Congress wanted to show those people through the petition that they had tried till the very end to solve the problem with a discussion.

This historic petition was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 5th, 1775, and send on July 8th.

However, it made no effect.

King George III refused to read and accept it because colonists were already preparing to fight against the British Empire.

And hence, King George declared them traitors.


Did Leaders Really Want To Negotiate?

This is quite interesting because only a week earlier Congress already granted the invasion of British Canada.

Therefore, it looks like the Petition was nothing but a just way to show the loyalists that they tried till the end for a discussion with England.

Looking at this, it seems that the American leaders had no interest to make discussions with England.

Now, if they wanted something, it was only freedom of the 13 colonies.


What Would Happen If King George Accepted Their Proposal?

If King George had accepted the proposal of the colonists, it would not have been a war.

And again, if the war would not happen, the 13 colonies would never become independent.

It was also likely that if George had accepted their proposal, he would have to abolish all laws of the Intolerable Acts.

Because without it, colonists’ would never be calmed.

This too would have been the defeat of the British.

But finally whatever, nothing happened like this.

King George rejected their proposal and the revolutionary war happened and 13 colonies succeeded in achieving freedom.


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