Why Did France Help The American In The Revolutionary War?

Let’s learn four main causes why did France help the American patriots in the Revolutionary War.

Overview of the four causes:

  • France and Great Britain were enemies.
  • France Empire wanted to take revenge on the British Empire for the defeat of the Seven Years’ War.
  • They still hoped to gain the old territories lost during the Seven Years’ War.
  • To regain the glory of the French Empire.
Why Did France Help The American In The Revolutionary War
Why Did France Help The American In The Revolutionary War

1. France And Great Britain Were Enemies

Both France and Britain were staunch enemies of each other.

Although for thousands of years they had been fighting too many wars; but their hostility became hard headed from the late 17th century.

At that time, in 1689 they involved in the Second Hundred Years’ War.

Many historians consider this war as the beginning point of their staunch enmity, which lasted till 1815.

On the other hand, at that time these two countries were the most powerful (superpowers), so there was always a struggle between them to make themselves better than each other.

This was the first reason France favored the rebels during the American War of Independence.

Because the enemy’s enemy is a friend.


2. France Wanted To Take Revenge For The Defeat of The Seven Years’ War

If you don’t know, I want to tell you one thing that just before the American Revolution began, Britain and France fought a war, in which France faced heavy defeat.

This war was none other, but the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763).

As a result of this conflict, France Empire had lost all their colonies in the American continent.

But whatever happened, they never forget and was still seeking a better opportunity to take revenge on Britain.

When the revolutionary war began, French King Louis XVI provided their support to the revolutionists.

Many historians consider the defeat of France in the Seven Years’ War as the main reason for their involvement in the American Revolution.


3. They Still Hoped To Gain The Old Territories Lost During The Seven Years’ War

Though France supported American revolutionaries against the British red coats; but still they had some greed for gaining the old territories they lost during the Seven Years’ War.

Perhaps they were imagining that after driving Britain away from the colonies, they would come back and take control.

However, it never came into reality because due to the involvement in the war of independence, France’s economy’s spine also broke down.

On the other hand, the bell of the inevitable France revolution was also started plucking.

So, entering again in more wars was beyond their imagination.

In short, King Louis XVI became busy solving their internal issues.


4. To Regain The Glory of The Franch Empire

The French Empire was a vast empire extending from America to Asia and African continents.

At that time this country had many colonies on these continents.

For these reasons, the France Empire had a special glory in the world.

But due to the defeat in the Seven Years’ War against Britain, somewhere this glory got badly shocked.

King Louis XVI afraid that it would encourage other European expansionists powers to raise their heads against France.

Therefore, in cases showing their power and glory, they involved in the American Revolutionary War.


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