Why Did Slavery Continue After The Revolution?

Your question is why did slavery continue even after the American Revolution?

If I answer this question in one simple word then I would prefer to say that the Revolution of America did not happen for abolishing slavery.

The revolution was completely based on America’s independence from the British colonial ruling, where slavery had no importance.

Contrary, most of the revolutionaries supported Slavery. Even, the majority of its main leaders kept black slaves at their homes.

Why Did Slavery Continue After The Revolution
Why Did Slavery Continue After The Revolution?

I know why this question is raising your mind?

Probably, the question came to your mind seeing some slaves freed during the phenomenon’s time.

Am I right?

No problem, I will tell you why and how those slaves got freedom.

Actually, freeing slaves during the revolutionary war was major propaganda from the British authority’s side.

But what was it?

Great Britain gave a proposal to all the black slaves of America.

Their proposal was, if they would leave their masters and join the British army in the revolutionary war against colonists’ then they would get freedom.

As a chance to get freedom many black slaves ran away from their masters (mostly patriots) and joined the British red coasts hoping for freedom.

Once the war ended, many slaves went free and most of them (loyalists) left the United States and moved to British North America (Canada).   

P.S: Slavery formally ended in the United States after the Civil War (1861-1865). The Civil War happened after around 100 years of the American Revolution (1776). Abraham Lincoln was the US president, who made it possible.


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