Why Do Cops Hate Black Friday So Much?


Why Do Cops Hate Black Friday So Much?

Cops’ hate for Black Friday is the main reason, why we have got the name.

In 1961, Police in Philadelphia and Rochester highly used the term to describe massive crowd gatherings and traffic jams on the day after Thanksgiving.

The gathering and traffic jams were a headache for its local police administration. The primary cause of the problem was the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas.

Since 1952, the first Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the unofficial beginning of the shopping season for Christmas in the United States.

As time goes on, this problem is also getting bigger and bigger. Because it is the Police’s duty to control the critical traffic jams and crowds of people.

Why Do Cops Hate Black Friday So Much

Cops Are Human Beings, They Want To Spend Festival Time With Their Families

Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a major festival for countries in Europe and America.

On festival days, everyone wants to spend their time with families and friends. Cops are also human beings and they want it too.

But because of their responsibilities on Black Friday, they can’t do that as other common people.

Even, nowadays, merchants are pushing the day earlier and earlier, which starts from the later part of Thanksgiving day. It is called “Black Thursday”.

It causes a lot of frustration and anger among them.

This is the 2nd reason, why most of them hate Black Friday.


Black Friday Is A Day of Violence & It’s the Cops’ Duty To Handle Them

Do you know? Each year, in the United States, more than 100 people get injured and 12 people lost lives during the Black Friday sales.

It is not uncommon to see people fighting like cats and dogs to grab a good deal on this day.

It is the duty of the cops to control all the violence and control the situation. Many times, cops also get injured and even lost lives while doing their duty.


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