Why Do People Hate Thanksgiving?


Why Do People Hate Thanksgiving?

In the United States of America, the way people love and enjoy Thanksgiving, similarly, many people also hate it for some core reasons.

Especially, we see, that most Native people in the country hate this festival remembering their terrible experiences of the past related to it.

On this day, Native people observe another day called “National Day of Mourning”. They also call it “Unthanksgiving Day”, which was started in 1970.

Below, I have shared with you a few reasons why some people, especially Native Americans hate Thanksgiving.

Why Do People Hate Thanksgiving
Why Do People Hate Thanksgiving

The People Who First Organized Thanksgiving killed Millions of Native Americans

Although the migration to the new world was like a blessing to the European settlers; but their settlement became a disaster for the innocent Indians.

European settlers killed millions and millions of Native people. They set fire to their homes, imposed slavery, spread lethal diseases, and caused brutal massacres.

According to a report, almost 90 percent of the Indians’ population was wiped out because of those European monsters.

In 1621, for the first time, 53 English Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving for their successful settlement and harvesting in the New World.

Though it is said that the Pilgrims invited 90 Natives to participate in that program but it did never happen in reality. Instead, they robbed food items from the Native people.

Because of all these things, there is no reason for Natives not to hate it. Many Indians still believe thanksgiving is a festival of tyranny and racism born from European settlers’ atrocities.


Is Thanksgiving A Racist Festival?

The truth can’t be denied that Thanksgiving in the United States has some racial connection in the past; but the present day, it would be a little wrong to call it a racist festival.

Present day, the festival is all about unity in the whole country. All communities from different races, languages, and religions can celebrate it. It is a national holiday.  


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