Why Is It Important To Tell Kids The Truth About Thanksgiving?


Why Is It Important To Tell Kids The Truth About Thanksgiving?

It is important to tell kids the truth about Thanksgiving because, in the United States of America, our kids have been learning some fairy tales about this important event.

I know, most people wouldn’t like to read it; but ironically, schools have been teaching our kids some fake stories for a long.


Here is how…

Why Is It Important To Tell Kids The Truth About Thanksgiving

The Story Was Created During American Civil War 1863

The American Civil War killed and wounded almost one and a half million people.

It badly divided the country, people were not ready to trust each other and it also damaged President Lincoln’s image among the American people.

Abraham Lincoln was always finding a way to make the condition better, reunify his nation and improve his image among Americans.

In 1863, an American writer Sarah Josepha Hale wrote a letter to him to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Lincoln saw it as an opportunity.

That year in October, via a Presidential proclamation he declared Thanksgiving a national holiday and urged all Americans to come together to celebrate the festival peacefully.

To build a beautiful image of the festival, his administration created the story of the first Thanksgiving, where they showed 53 English Pilgrims of Plymouth and 90 Wampanoag Native Americans attending the event peacefully.

But ironically, it was just a story, nothing happened that way.

Our kids need aware of it.


No Sharing of Food Because Indians And European Settlers Were Cutthroat Enemies

Secondly, our schools teach our kids that on the first Thanksgiving, the 53 Pilgrims invited the 90 Wampanoag Native Americans to join them in the Thanksgiving dinner.

Ironically, it was just a bad joke.

Pilgrims were not that kind-hearted, nor they had enough food items to share with the large 90 people group, which was bigger than the organizers.

Don’t get me wrong, most European settlers were like monsters toward the Natives. So from this perspective, there was no chance of sharing hard-arranged foods with them.

Instead, it is said that Pilgrims robbed food items from those innocent people.


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