Why Is The Turkey A Symbol of Thanksgiving?


Why Is The Turkey A Symbol of Thanksgiving?

Literally, this question revolves around everyone’s mind about why is the turkey a symbol of Thanksgiving, especially at the dinner tables of American families.

According to an ongoing storyIn the early 17th century, turkey was plentiful and quite easy to find in the jungles of the new world (Americas).

Before moving to the new world, the goose was the most popular meat item for the harvest festival among Europeans.

But when they moved to the new world, it became a little tough for them to find geese.

Because wild turkeys were plentiful, therefore, later, they had to change their favorite item and made turkey the main decoration of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Why Is The Turkey A Symbol of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving wishing image, wish thanksgiving

2nd Story – Why Is The Turkey A Symbol of Thanksgiving?

According to another story, it is said that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by the colonists of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the Natives of Wampanoag.

In the beginning, turkey was not as popular as it is today. Goose, duck, deer meat, wild flows, and cod were the most popular food items among them. 

But over time, when people started haunting wild animals and birds for the festival, turkey became the most popular among them (Because of its plentifulness).

Although, all these are just stories and nobody has proper evidence that how the turkey became a symbol of Thanksgiving.

How And When Did Thanksgiving Become An Official Holiday As The Fourth Thursday In November

2 Amazing Facts To Know

1. Did you know? In the United States of America, there is a tradition called ‘Pardoning turkey’.

Every year, the president of the United States pardons an unnamed turkey by not letting it end up on anyone’s dinner table. The tradition started during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Did you know? Apart from the United States, many other countries in Europe, Asia, and America celebrate Thanksgiving day.

Some of them are Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Liberia, the United Kingdom, etc. For all of these countries, Thanksgiving is a harvest festival.


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