Why Is The Native American Perspective Left Out of American History?


Why Is The Native American Perspective Left Out of American History?

Throughout this question answer, I will explain two major reasons that will help you to understand why the Native American perspective is left out of American history.

Especially, we have been noticing that their history is mostly ignored or not taught in schools.

So, the two major reasons are:

1. Immigrants from the European continent did so many unjust or outrages on the Native Americans; such as massacres, capturing for slavery, sexual harassment, etc. Probably, the European origin American people feel shame today to accept the history of what their forefathers did in the past.

2. Present day, due to the lack of Native people’s numbers, Natives’ perspective gets less important in the Democratic United States of America. More than 12 million Native people got killed by European colonizers.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Native People Entered In The Landmass of America Before 27,000 Years, During The Time of Ice Age. Before Migrating To The New Continent, These People Lived In Siberia]

Okay, now let’s discuss and try to understand each one of the above reasons clearly.

Why Is The Native American Perspective Left Out of American History
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1. Immigrants From The European Continent Did So Many Unjust To The Natives

We all know that the people who dominate the continents of America today were originally from the European continent.

They started migrating here at the end of the 15th century.

Far before, around many thousands of years of these people’s immigration, America was a large landmass of some Mongolian origin tribes.

We know them today as the Native Americans or Red Indians.

They came into the landmass before 27000 years, during the ice age.

Before migrating to the new landmass, they lived in Siberia; but due to the beginning of the ice age, they had to leave their old place and enter the new land through the Bering Strait.

In 1492, an Italian-Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America, while finding a sea route to Asia.

After his discovery, people from entire Europe started migrating to the new world.

But when Europeans started migrating to the new world, they started doing so many injustices to its already living native people.

Such examples are:

  • Europeans started capturing native people to sell in Europe for slavery. Back then, Europe was a large market for buying & selling slaves.
  • If native people resist, Europeans even caused mass massacres.
  • Capturing little girls (8 to 10 years old) and women for sexual slavery.
  • And more tyrannies that we can’t finish describing here.

We agree that Christopher Columbus discovered the continent; but do you know what Columbus was one of the worst guys in American history.

Just a few examples of Columbus’ tyrannies:

  • Columbus cut off the tongue of a native man because of stealing some sugar.
  • Columbus ordered his men to throw many natives on the Atlantic Ocean, which he brought to Europe for selling.
  • He ordered natives to collect gold and pearl for him. If they resisted, he ordered his men to kill them.
  • He caught many women and handed them to his men for rape.

The European Americans are probably ashamed to put all these atrocities executed by their forefathers in front of their new generation and world.

Probably, therefore they mostly try to ignore it in their history or not teach in schools.

By the way, what do you think about it?

Why Is The Native American Perspective Left Out of American History
Why Is The Native American Perspective Left Out of American History?

2. Due To Lack of Numbers, Natives’ Perspective Gets Less Importance

Today, in the 21st century, the relationship between Natives and European origin American people improved quite a lot (than before).

But still, the way they should give importance to the natives is not yet become possible. Its main reason is the lack of Natives’ population.

Different studies show that more than 12 million indigenous people died in Genocides and pandemics caused by European colonizers.

Because of this reason, their population decreased significantly, and still, it remains a drawback of their strong participation in American politics, culture, education, and various other sides.

In the United States, natives’ current population is only five million.

With only a five million population, these people are unable to protect their rights in their own ways in most of the fields.

On the other hand, why European origins will pay attention to these events themselves for their own infamy?

This makes no sense!


So, this is also one of the reasons behind natives’ history being disregarded.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Europeans Not Only Executed Outrages On Native Americans, But They Also Did Similar Thing With The Original Inhabitants of Australia, New Zeland And Many Other Countries Too]


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