Why Was The United States Unable To Avoid Entering A Cold War With The Soviet Union?

This is one of the hottest questions that why the United States of America unable to avoid entering a Cold War with the Communist Soviet Union.

Well, here in this post we are going to give you this amazing question’s answer. 

We mainly found five reasons for the United States entrance into the Cold War.

They are mainly:

  • Becoming the world’s number one superpower
  • To protect Democracy
  • Fear of Domino theory
  • Support expansion of Capitalism
  • National security

Ok, now here we will discuss all these five points one by one.

Why Was The United States Unable To Avoid Entering A Cold War With The Soviet Union

For Becoming The World’s Number One Superpower

After the Second World War, the previous superpowers such as French, Great Britain had become quite weaker and started losing their status as the world’s decision-makers.

Now, two new superpowers in the world slowly began rising up their heads; one side Communist Soviet Union and on the other side the United States of America.

Although, the Soviet Union was much weaker than the US in various fields, but they were quite ready to take a major role in the world’s decision-makers.

This Soviet readiness alerted America to a large extent; because if the US had not tried to become more powerful than the Soviet Union, it could have lost its influence in the world.

This thing started a race between these two countries and in a few years, it transformed into the Cold War.


To Protect Democracy

This was the second biggest reason why was the United States unable to avoid entering a Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Obviously, you know that the Union of Soviet Russia was a Communist nation; where there was no Democracy existed.

America and other Western democratic nations considered Communism as a major threat to democracy.

Hence, they were always very conscious to prevent it within the land segment of Russia.

But as they were trying to stop the Soviets; the Soviets were also trying to expand it more and more.

Especially, in Eastern and Central European nations such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia; they able in establishing Communist governments.

The US feared if it continues happening then overtime it would eat up the entire world.

So, to prevent Communism expansion they took many actions that led the Soviet Union very unhappy.

For example: in this case, the Marshal Plan was one of the most popular initiatives from the USA.


The Fear of Domino Theory

The United States of America feared the Domino theory.

So what was it?

According to the Domino theory, if a country becomes Communist, then the democratic governments of the countries around it will fall and that too will become communist countries.

The US knew it well and hence they tried to prevent it very hard.

As per their actions, they also had to fight many proxy wars against the USSR in various regions of Asian and African countries.

Examples: Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan War, etc.

These proxy wars led the US and the USSR into indirect arms conflict.


Support Expansion of Capitalism

The economy of America and other Western countries was mainly based on Capitalism.

In this system, the government takes less control of its economies.

But contrary to the US economy, the Soviet Union’s economy was based upon Socialism. In this system, the nation takes the main control of its economy.

America and other western countries had a fear that if most countries of the world become communists then their economy will also be transformed into Communist ideology.

And as a result, it would prevent them from doing free trade with the countries.

This was also a major reason, why the US had to enter into the Cold War against USSR.


National Security

In 1949, the Soviet Union tested its first nuclear bomb.

The United States became quite cautious after the atomic bomb test by this Communist nation.

After this incident, there was an arms competition that started between these two big powers.

The way the Soviet Union started making destructive weapons; the US also started making more and more destructive weapons.

In 1949, with the formation of NATO, the US took the situation to another level. In response, USSR also formed the WARSAW alliance in Poland, the year 1955.

This arms race became a big reason the US couldn’t avoid the Cold War with the USSR; because it became an issue of their national security.


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