Why Would Some Not Want To Be Independent From Britain?

Those colonists who would not want to be independent from Great Britain were either loyalists or negotiators among patriots.

Here, I will explain to you these two major causes that why they did not want to be independent from Great Britain.

Why Would Some Not Want To Be Independent From Britain
Why Would Some Not Want To Be Independent From Britain

1. They Were Loyalists

During the period of the American Revolution, a large group of colonists was loyal to the British government and King George III.

Under British rule, these loyal people used to get various kinds of amenities from the English government.

In the exploitation of the 13 colonies, these people also had a big contribution to the British government.

The economic-social status of these loyal people was much advanced than the rest of the common colonists.

Therefore, to keep this continuity, they never wanted the English authority to leave the 13 colonies.

The American Revolution and the revolutionary war threatened them with losing the privileges. And hence, they didn’t give their support to the 13 colonies’ independence.

However, this move proved to be wrong to them after US independence.

Because after independence, atrocities of patriots on these people started increasing. Even, patriots started killing and robbing these loyalists.


2. They Wanted To Make Some Negotiation With The British Government

This was another group, who were patriots or revolutionary; but they didn’t want the 13 colonies to become independent from British rule.

Even they suggest to others that they should come to a proper negotiation with the government and king.

But what was the reason for this?

Actually, this group of people afraid that if the 13 colonies are separated from Britain then other imperial powers of Europe would start invading them.

Because their military side would still remain weaker than them. Therefore, for them, it was a better idea to negotiate with England rather than being separated.

John Dickinson was one of those supporters of this group. Even, he didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence for this reason.


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