Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving?


Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving?

I think there is no reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving, at least present-day, it is one of the most beautiful occasions in the United States of America.

I agree that we can’t deny some tart historical experiences in the past related to this festival, but this would be a bad idea for the present not to enjoy this beautiful day with family and friends.

By the way, some people believe that they shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. From their perspective, I will show you why they think this way.

Why You Shouldn't Celebrate Thanksgiving
Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

1. Thanksgiving In The United States Had A Bloody History

Most Native Americans in the United States believe that they shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s a festival of European immigrants to the continent.

European settlers celebrated it to thank their almighty god for providing them the opportunity to reach the new world passing the giant Atlantic Ocean, success in harvesting, and better settlement.

Still, most Natives believe that the European people’s success was built upon their ancestors’ blood and tears.

They killed millions of Indians, and imposed slavery on those innocent people; therefore, for them, there is no reason to observe Thanksgiving and promote the European culture.

Even, to show their unhappiness, every year, on the same day of Thanksgiving, Native Americans observe the “Day of National Mourning”.


2. Thanksgiving Is A Christian Religious Festival

Present-day, we see often a lot of people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, no matter what religion they follow.

But the reality is Thanksgiving’s roots are connected with Christian Puritan culture.

There are a lot of radical people in our societies from different religions.

These people believe that their people shouldn’t celebrate it and promote Christianity.


3. Thanksgiving Is Costly And Not Everyone Can Afford It

The main attraction of Thanksgiving is its dinner and its food items.

Ironically these items are too costly, not everyone can afford them.

Even a lot of food wastage occurs on this day, which can be used to feed poor hunger suffering people around the United States.

Some people believe that they should donate the items instead of spending too much on just one single dinner.


  1. Total bullsh:t!!! The Indians were invited to the Thanksgiving celebration. They also helped the settlers grow vegetables mostly corn. People can’t afford it, food stamps cover turkey!!!! Religious , so what!!!! Day of morning get over it. Ur a conquered people!!!


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